How to add a new device to PFA Works Timecard

The steps below explain how to add a new device to the PFA Works Timecard system:

  1. Open Pro Fund Accounting and go to Tools>Device Manager
  2. Click on the Add button
  3. Fill in a device name that is descriptive for the device that you are adding
  4. Also enter a 4 digit passcode that is unique for the device (i.e. if you already have a passcode of 1234, then you cannot make the passcode for the new device 1234)
  5. Click on Add Device button to save the device
  6. Now you can go to the PFA Works Timecard App on the Windows 10 device that you are adding
  7. On the Login screen click on the “hamburger” button 
  8. On the menu that appears, click on the Connect button
  9. In the PFA Portal Address field, you would enter the ip address and the port number in the following format:
  10. In the Portal Access code field, you would enter the 4 digit number that you gave the device earlier
  11. Click on the Connect button and the program will attempt to connect to the server
    1. If you get an error message please make sure that you entered the portal address correctly
  12. Once you receive the message that states the connection was successful, you can go back to Pro Fund Accounting
  13. In the Device Manager, click on the device and you should see a button that says Activate
  14. Click on the Activate button
  15. Now the new device is setup to communicate with the PFA Portal
  16. You can either login on the new device or go to the “hamburger” button and click on the Reset Data button

These are the steps that you need to do to add a new device to the PFA Works Timecard system. If you have any questions or if you run into any unexpected error messages then please contact our Pro Fund Accounting support team.