A Check Is Missing From My Prepay

Okay, so you have completed your prepay and are reviewing the prepay report when you notice that a check is missing from the prepay. How do I add a new check into my prepay?

First of all we need to delete the “old” prepay to be able to add new checks. To do that please go to Accounts Payable>Pay Invoices and click on the Load button.  After the Load Unpaid Invoices screen appears, click on the Delete button to remove the “old” prepay.

Now the screen will change to allow you to select all of the invoices to be paid:

Fill in the appropriate check date and starting check # and choose the appropriate button in the Invoices to Pay section then click on OK. Now you should be able to choose which invoices to pay and redo the prepay with the new invoice selected.

Okay, so what happens if you have already clicked on the pay button and have already printed the checks that were on the prepay and you realize that an invoice is missing from this prepay?

Well, there are a few options available:

  1. You can create another prepay for this single invoice and then staple it to your first prepay report
  2. You can hand modify the first prepay report to include this “new” invoice
  3. You can call Pro Fund Accounting support and a support representative can help you get that invoice onto your prepay report