Emailing paystubs to your employees

One of more recent updates to Pro Fund Accounting added a program which allows you to email paycheck stubs to employees who have a valid email address on file. Emailing paystubs makes a lot of sense when your employees receive their pay electronically via direct deposit as you wouldn’t need to print a paper paystub for those employees anymore.

Emailing paystubs is a very straightforward process, run the Export Paystubs utility which can be found under the Payroll menu in Pro Fund Accounting and then choose the payroll that you want to email paystubs for. After the payroll is selected, simply click on the Start button and this program will automatically email each employee their paystub for the chosen payroll.

There are a couple of things that need to be configured correctly before your employees can start receiving their paystubs by email. The first thing is that employees who want to receive their paystubs by email need to have a valid email address entered in Employee Maintenance. The second thing is that there is a little bit of initial setup that needs to happen the first time the Export Paystubs program is ran. The Export Paystubs utility needs to know such things as what your SMTP server settings are and where you would like to save the PDF copies of the paystubs to.