How to merge vendors in Pro Fund Accounting

As you work with Pro Fund Accounting, there may be situations where you have multiple vendor codes for the same vendor. A common reason for this is that you had two accounts of that vendor and each account had its own mailing address for payments. Another reason is that the vendor changed its name and the accounts payable clerk created a new vendor in Pro Fund Accounting instead of editing the name of the current vendor in Pro Fund Accounting.

So now you are looking through your vendor list and would like to merge those vendors that have multiple vendor codes together. How can you do this in Pro Fund Accounting? In Vendor Maintenance, you would first find the vendor that you want to keep and then make a note of its vendor code. Next, go to one of the duplicate vendors, click on Edit, and change its vendor code to the vendor code you want to keep (the one you noted earlier). Finally, click on Save and answer yes to the warning message that appears.

If you answer yes, then Pro Fund Accounting will merge the two vendors together, thus eliminating duplicate vendors in Pro Fund Accounting. Merging two vendors together also merges the transaction history for those vendors, so you will still be able to see all of the transactions for that vendor. You would repeat this process until you have merged all of the different vendor records in Pro Fund Accounting into a single vendor.