Quickly duplicating accounts in your chart of accounts

When setting up a new fund or a new account branch under an existing fund, instead of creating each new account by hand, there is an easy way to duplicate multiple accounts. This process takes any existing account branch in your chart of accounts and copies it into a new branch.

The following steps will guide you through duplicating an existing account or level in your chart of accounts.

  1. Open Account Maintenance
  2. Choose which account or account level that you want to duplicate
  3. Click on the Duplicate Account button
  4. Once the duplicate account screen appears, enter the new number for the account or account level that you picked in step 2. If you are doing an account level such as level 3, then you don’t need to enter a description.
  5. Click on OK to start the duplication process
  6. Exit and reopen Pro Fund Accounting to make sure that everything happened correctly.

For example, if you want to duplicate all accounts under 201-000 and want to change the 000 to 030, then you would select account 201-000 in step 2 and in step 4 enter 030. After the process is complete, all the accounts that are under 201-000 will be copied to 201-030.

If you need to add a new fund which has a similar account structure to an existing fund, then in step 2 choose the fund account level, and then follow the rest of the steps. When duplicating the fund account, there may be accounts that you don’t want to have in the new fund. You can simply delete those accounts from the chart of accounts.

This process will not remove or change any existing accounts.