Renumbering Payroll Checks that are not printed

If you’ve ever had a situation where you skipped an employee’s pay check, you may want to renumber your payroll checks.

Checks Not Yet Printed

This situation can occur when you’ve calculated your payroll deductions and printed a payroll journal. You notice that everyone has a check number associated with their net pay except one person. Here’s how to fix the problem.
Figure out why the employee didn’t get a check number assigned. Places to examine:

  1. Check to see if you have a check mark in the VOUCHER ONLY box on the Employment Info page in Employee Maintenance. This means that the employee will not get a paycheck. If the employee should have a paycheck, edit the record, remove the check mark, save and exit Employee Maintenance.
  2. Check to see how many ANNUAL # PAYS you have set up for the employee on the Employment Info page in Employee Maintenance. If you have from 0 to 10 number of pays, this could cause the employee’s annualized gross pay to be too low to withhold taxes. You will need to edit the record to make the ANNUAL # PAYS at least 12 (for monthly pay) or 26 (for semi-weekly pay).
  3. Check to make sure the employee has the correct information on the Deductions page in Employee Maintenance.
  4. Check to make sure all tax deductions are assigned to the employee and that they are all ACTIVE.


If this is a new employee’s first pay check and you have checked the 4 items above, it could be that the gross pay just isn’t large enough to withhold taxes. If this is the case, you can assign a “null deduction” code to the employee. If you don’t have a null deduction code set up, here’s how to do it:

  1. Run Payroll Constants>Deduction Types. Set up a new deduction code “ND” and name it “Null Deduction”
  2. The Calc Type is 29
  3. The Calc Order is 99
  4. Return to the employee’s record in Employee Maintenance, go to the Deductions page and give the employee the new deduction ND and make it active. No further information is required.


Once you think you know why the employee didn’t get a paycheck, uncalculate the payroll deductions, then recalculate the deductions. Print another payroll journal and check to make sure the employee now has a check number. Print the checks. Other reasons can cause an employee check to be missing. If after checking the above information you can’t figure out why the check is missing or if you’ve already printed your paychecks, please call the Pro Fund Accounting support line for assistance.