Using Rate Shield In Payroll Post

A while ago, we added a new feature in Payroll Post called Rate Shield. What Rate Shield does is it prevents you from making any changes to the employee’s Rate field in Payroll Post. If you need to make a change to the employee’s hourly pay rate, then you can disable Rate Shield to make that change and re-enable it afterwards. To enable Rate Shield, please go to the Hotkey menu in Payroll Post and then click on Enable Rate Shield.

So how does enabling Rate Shield help me? For example, let’s assume you are entering 20 timecards that are for hourly employees and Rate Shield is not enabled. In this situation, you can accidentally tab into the Rate field and easily make a change to that employee’s hourly pay rate. If Rate Shield is enabled in Payroll Post, you cannot tab or click into the Rate field which protects you from accidentally changing that employee’s hourly pay rate.