You can read all about our history as a company.

Cogitate is a software company that has been producing award winning software solutions including quality accounting software and utility billing software for governmental agencies for over 40 years. We have set ourselves apart from our competition by offering exceptional customer support through a staff of dedicated people.

We don’t just make great products, we also strive to be better in everything we do – whether it’s through our customer service experience or the way we handle your invoices. When you work with us, you’ll know that someone cares about every detail of your experience with us because they’re working on it too.

Cogitate Inc. began in 1966 as a small business within the Harlan Electric Company. We have seen the world of computers change dramatically and we have been changing and growing right along with it. We are passionate about our work, serving government professionals with the most innovative and dependable products on earth.

Cogitate began its maiden voyage into software with a fund accounting program with payroll services on an RPC 4000. In 1969 we began batch processing for accounting services which lasted until 1981 when we developed our own programming language and operating system in order to run on mini computers. In 1981 we ported our programming language so that our fund accounting programs would function on micro computers. Along with these new capabilities we created a data backup system for our fund accounting customers.

In 1985 we developed our award winning Close Up remote control computer product which even received the Editors Choice Award from PC Magazine! For the next ten years we expanded our government software products, creating and selling many different modules including voter registration, utility billing, and tax receipting. In 1995 we began renovating and creating Windows friendly software. Today, Cogitate is focusing on the support and servicing of our fund accounting and utility billing packages and our latest software: 9G Backup.