How to Unpay Invoices

In the latest Pro Fund Accounting update, there is a brand-new way to unpay an entire Payables payment journal. Before you would have to go to GL Post and select the source of entry as AP, then you had to find the payment journal that the payments were in, then delete all the entries in that payment journal to unpay the invoices that were paid using that journal.

Now there is a new feature called Unpay Invoices under the Payables menu which makes it easy to unpay a payment journal. To unpay a specific payment journal, you now do the following:

1. Go to Payables>Unpay Invoices

2. Highlight the specific payment journal that you want to unpay

a. If you need to see the transactions in that journal, click on the plus button next to the journal number and it will display a list of the transactions that are a part of that specific payment journal

3. Click on the Unpay selected payment journal button to complete the unpayment process

Once you finish the unpayment process, all the invoices that were paid in that payment journal are now considered unpaid. This means that you make any changes to the invoices, such as changing the dollar amount or distribution account. When you are ready to pay those invoices again, you would pay them through the Pay Invoices program.