Setting up a new account number

To setup a new account number go to General Ledger on the Main screen. Then click on Account Maintenance. Up in the right hand corner you will see 5 icons. The one on the far right looks like arrows going in opposite directions. Clicking on this will change your entry mode from straight line to segmented. I find it easier to setup numbers one segment at a time.

Click on NEW and enter the segments of your new number. Tab to the NAME field and enter a name. Tab to the TYPE field and enter A for Asset, L for Liability, R for Revenue, X for Expense, or E for Equity. Click on SAVE. You may get a message about setting up missing levels. Always say YES. You now have a new account number that you can post to.

You can also watch a short video which walks you through the process of setting up a new account number in Pro Fund Accounting.

Setting up a new account number in Pro Fund Accounting video