Adding a default overtime code to a specific employee

With the latest update to Pro Fund Accounting, you now have the ability to change the default overtime code for a specific employee. This can come in handy if some of your employees have their overtime pay exempt from their MERS retirement.

Before this update, you had to remember to set the MERS exempt checkbox when posting overtime for employees whose overtime is MERS exempt. Now for those employees whose overtime is MERS exempt, you can change their overtime codes to be a MERS exempt overtime code. Then when you post those employee’s overtime the MERS exempt checkbox will be checked automatically.

Here is how to set an overtime code for an individual employee:

  1. Go to Payroll > Employee Maintenance
  2. Choose the employee that needs to have a different overtime code than the default one
  3. Go to the Overtime Info tab
  4. In the Overtime Payroll Code dropdown, choose the payroll type code that needs to be the overtime code for this employee
  5. Now when you post overtime for this employee the new overtime code will be shown by default

If you need any help with adding overtime codes to employees, please contact Pro Fund Accounting support to get connected with one of our support representatives.