Hardware Requirements

PFA Works Timecard has a certain set of hardware requirements that is necessary to be able to successfully run the PFA Works Timecard system.

The biggest requirement is that the PFA Works Timecard Portal MUST be installed on a dedicated server. We do not support running the PFA Works Timecard on a workstation that acts as the “server”. Because the PFA Works Timecard Portal is such an integral part of the timecard system, it needs to be installed on a computer that is always on and not overloaded by acting as both a server and a workstation.

The hardware requirements for the server vary, but a good start is the below list:

  • CPU – Any Intel XEON or Intel Core based CPU
  • Memory – 16GB is recommended
  • Disk Size – Above 500GB is recommended
  • Networking – A Gigabit networking card at the minimum
  • Operating System – Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016
  • SQL Server – SQL Server 2012 or higher

Now there is also the PFA Works Timecard “kiosk” devices that you will need to purchase for the timecard app to run on. The basic set of requirements is shown below:

  • CPU – Any Intel Core based or AMD CPU
  • Memory – 4GB is the minimum but 8GB is recommended
  • Disk Size – 500GB is the minimum but 1TB is recommended
  • Networking – A Gigabit networking card is the minimum, these computers can also have wireless networking 
  • Monitor – A touchscreen monitor is highly recommended for ease of use
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Pro

A Dell or HP all in one computer should work for the kiosk devices and will most likely include the touchscreen. If you do not want to get all in one computers, you can also purchase regular desktops and then purchase a touchscreen monitor for them. 

In order to keep the timecard entry moving quickly and smoothly, we recommend having 1 kiosk per every 3 or 4 employees. We also support running on Windows 10 tablets, and we recommend the Microsoft Surface line of tablets if you want to go mobile with the timecard system.

Please check with the computer manufacturers for current pricing on their devices.