Setting Up Equipment Groups

Setting up equipment groups can be so helpful, especially for those pieces of seasonal equipment that have lots of attachments.

A perfect example of this would be a snowplow truck. As you know, you have to charge out the truck but you also have to charge out a front plow and perhaps an underbody blade or wing plow. Also many employees have radios and/or GPS units that need to be charged out, so this can add up to a lot of extra payroll entries.

Once you set up the equipment groups, they will always be available for your use from year to year.

These equipment groups will also be very advantageous if you decide to purchase PFA Works Timecard and your employees are entering their own time. We all know they are going to want to pick ONE piece of equipment and not have to try to remember all the attachments they have on their trucks! Anything we can do to make OUR lives easier, AND the lives of our employees will be worth it in the end!

You can also watch a video on setting up equipment groups on our Pro Fund Accounting Training page. The video is located under the Equipment section and is called How to Setup Equipment Groups in Pro Fund Accounting.