Working with employee types in Pro Fund Accounting

Pro Fund Accounting provides a very useful way to group employees in the Payroll system. So why would this be useful you might ask? For example, suppose your Township’s or Road Commission’s board members receive a stipend and there are also a few employees who work in the office and receive a salary. You just finished your normal payroll that includes all employees and board members. Now you need to see how much just the office workers received. This is where the power of grouping your employees comes in. If we group our employees by office workers and board members, we can now run reports that show us exactly how much our office workers received during this pay period by excluding the board member group.

You can see a list of the reports that support employee grouping below:

Equivalent Overtime

PR Break Down

PR Break Down By Day

PR Earnings

PR Gross

PR Gross And Net

PR Gross For Retirement

PR Pension Report

PR Retro Earnings By Pct

PR Third Party Pay And Taxes

To group employees in Payroll, you need to do the following:

  1. Open Payroll > Employee Maintenance
  2. Select an employee that you want to include in a group
  3. Go to the Employment Info tab for that employee
  4. In the Type field, enter a alphanumeric character for the group type.
    For example, if you want to group your commissioners by type C; you would enter a C in the Type field for every commissioner employee record.
  5. Now enter the same alphanumeric character for each employee record that you want to include in this group

You can also contact our support team for help in getting started with grouping your employees.