Using Employee Events in Payroll

The Employee Events feature was designed to inform you when certain events are approaching for your active employees and is enabled whenever you are logged in with Payroll rights. You will see a number of events displayed on the status bar on the bottom right side of your main screen in Pro Fund Accounting. This is the total number of events occurring within the next month for all your active employees. This number is retrieved automatically from a list of event dates you have saved for each of your employees.

We have included a wide range of events for you to manage for each of your employees. These events include items such as insurance renewals, license renewals, performance reviews and many others. For a complete list of these events, please see the Events page in the Employee Maintenance form.

Here, you will find a list of these events with dates you can enter individually for each employee. There is even a Misc. Event and Misc. Note that you can enter for special events that are not already included in the list. You can save dates for any events you wish to manage. Pro Fund Accounting will automatically keep an eye on these dates for you and let you know when they are approaching.

You can view a list of the upcoming events by clicking the “View Current Active Employee Event Items” menu item located under the Payroll Menu from the main screen. This will open a list of events occurring within the next month for all you active employees. You can filter that list by checking only the events you wish to include in your list. Your filter selections are retained each time you open the list but will not affect the total upcoming employee event count displayed on the main screen.

Finally, if you need more control over this list, you can run the new PR Event List report which is located in the Payroll section of your report selection screen. This report offers several additional parameters you can specify for even more control over the events you wish to list. You can even specify a date range to list events occurring within any time frame.