2023 W-2 Reminders From the IRS



  • Please remind your customers NOT to print Forms W-2 (Copy A) on double-sided paper.


  • Please remind your customers NOT to mail their companies’ payroll to the Copy A mailing address. They must mail their forms to the address listed on Form W-3.



  • Please remind your customers to verify that the template prints on each W-2 submission before they mail them to the SSA.


  • Approvals are valid for only one tax year (January through December). In general, each new filing season requires new approval, even if the official form does not change.


  • All forms and data must be printed in non-reflective black ink only.


  • Both the top Form W-2 and the bottom Form W-2 must have the “Void” checkbox printed on the form.


  • Please ensure printed versions of the approved forms meet the required margin guideline. The top, left, and right margins for Form W-2 (Copy A) and Form W-3 are 0.50 inches (½ inch).



  • Please remind your customers about the helpful information on the 2019 Taxpayer First Act regulations where it relates to the number of Copy A Form W-2s filed on paper at  https://www.ssa.gov/employer/taxpayer.html.