Utilizing the Automated Shut off Functions within UtilAbility

Do you print and send shut off notices for your overdue accounts? Are you currently processing these manually? Why not utilize the automated shut off functions provided within UtilAbility? UtilAbility has the ability to automate the shut off notification process, saving you valuable time and effort. The entire process is simple to complete and was designed to require minimal additional time and effort. Once you have designated your criteria for shut off, you can begin using the automated system.

First, you will need to prepare your accounts for shut off notices. UtilAbility will examine all accounts that fall within limits that you specify to locate any that need to be marked for shut off. If any accounts are found with overdue amounts that are equal to or greater than the amount you have designated, for at least as many days as you have designated, they will be marked for shut off. When they are marked for shut off, the shut off notice date will be saved to the account along with the pay by date and amount which they need to pay to avoid shut off. Once your accounts are prepared, you can print and send your shut off notices. These notices include the pay by date and amount which they need to pay to avoid shut off. After you send your shut off notices, you can continue to receive payments as usual through the shut off date. When the shut off date arrives, you can finalize your accounts for the shut off report.

UtilAbility will review all accounts that fall within limits that you specify; updating the amounts they need to pay to avoid shut off, based on any amounts they have paid since you prepared them for the shut off notices. Any accounts that have paid their required amount will have their shut off information cleared. Once your accounts are finalized, you can print a shut off report that your employees can use to perform the shut offs or accept payments from your customers to avoid shut off, if your policies permit. They can record comments for the actions they have performed for each account on the report. When they return the shut off report to you, you can use their comments to update your records.

The automated shut off functions are managed independently from your accounting, so they do not update any billing or receipt transactions for any of your customers. They can be performed as often as you wish.