Using Metered Services in UtilAbility

Before you can calculate any metered services, you will need to post their meter readings. These readings are used to determine the usages for calculation. UtilAbility provides simple and efficient methods for posting your meter readings. You can access these methods by clicking the Post Meter Readings menu item located under the Posting menu on the main form.

You can post your readings manually or import them from automatic meter reader files. You can even post estimates if you do not have the actual readings to enter. While you are posting your meter readings, you can calculate estimates for any individual meter by highlighting that meter and clicking the Calculate Estimate button. You can even calculate Estimated Meter Readings for all meters that have not yet had a reading posted to them, by clicking the Estimate All button. UtilAbility determines the estimated reading to use for each meter from the average of all calculated usages it finds for that meter within the surrounding time frame. This time frame is from two months before to one month after the Period start date that you have specified for all years posted. This allows for a more seasonal type of estimate. If the average is zero or there is not enough history (at least three calculated usages must be found), UtilAbility will calculate the average from all calculated usages found for that meter regardless of their time frame. The average is rounded down to the nearest integer. 

If you do not like an estimate that has been calculated, you can change it by posting your own reading. If you do so, the reading will be designated as an actual reading. Please note that you can designate any reading as an Estimated Reading after you have committed it by checking its Est Reading Check Box in the Meter Readings Maintenance Screen. This allows you to use your own formula to calculate your estimates and post them yourself.

When you are finished entering all your readings, you simply click the Commit button to save them. You can print reports listing the readings you have posted and even reports to indicate possible exceptions or problems with the readings entered or meters you have missed. Any readings you have estimated will be reflected as estimated on your customer’s invoices.