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Pro Fund Accounting Version 7009 Release Notes Available!

The release notes for version 7009 of Pro Fund Accounting are available online at the following link: Pro Fund Accounting Release Notes

Please take a look to see what has been changed in version 7009 of Pro Fund Accounting.

Pro Fund Accounting Report Viewer Updated!
We have updated the Pro Fund Accounting Report Viewer today!

The major change that happened is that now when you launch a report, the cursor will be automatically positioned on the first parameter shown in the report viewer.

Please let us know if there is anything at all that we can change in Pro Fund Accounting by either sending an email to or by filling out the contact form on the Contact page.

A major Pro Fund Accounting update is available!
We are pleased to announce the release of update 7008 for Pro Fund Accounting!

This update includes many fixes and enhancements including:

Please go to Help>Check for Updates in your Pro Fund Accounting software to receive this new update today!

Updated the PR 52 Weeks Pay Report For Pro Fund Accounting
 We are pleased to announce a new update to the PR 52 Weeks Pay report in Pro Fund Accounting!

The following list outlines the changes that were made to this report:

  • Added the ability to exclude a custom range of payroll types from the report

To download this updated report, please go to Help>Check For Updates within Pro Fund Accounting.

Cogitate Has A New Company Logo
 Cogitate is proud to announce it has officially changed its corporate logo. This new company logo brings together the corporate name with the spirit of the software we develop. We like the clean lines and the ‘higher’ arrow of the new logo.

The previous logo was created in 1966 and has served the company for more than five decades. During that period, Cogitate has expanded its portfolio and increased its value and relevance to its customers by bringing together ac-counting systems, utility billing and data storage management.

Pro Fund Accounting Archiver and Removal Utility
Cogitate is proud to announce the new Archiver and Removal Utilities for Pro Fund Accounting!

The Removal Utility allows you to remove unreferenced employees, vendors, inventory, etc. that you no longer wish to keep in your database.
The Archiver utility allows you to archive older data that you do not access often, keeping it in a separate database. Only data older than three years can be archived. Archiving your data may help improve the performance of Pro Fund Accounting by allowing you to limit the size of your current database if you wish.

One of the really nice features included with our Archive utilities is the ability to actually choose to run a report on your current database or on any Archived database, right from the report selections screen in Pro Fund Accounting!

For those of you that choose to archive data in conjunction with your year-end, and that year-end is NOT December 31st, the utility will archive the data according to your year-end date, except for payroll, which will retain data through December 31st of the archive through date in both the archived database and your current database. This is done so all payroll year data is kept together in both databases.

This utility can be found in the Utilities folder in your Pro Fund Accounting install directory.

Pro Fund Accounting Version 7007 Released!
We are pleased to announce that we have just released version 7007 of Pro Fund Accounting!

Some of the issues that this version fixed were:

  1. The tab order on the Inventory Post screen
  2. The electronic W2 file that gets sent to the Social Security Administration now supports foreign country codes

To get this update, please go to Help>Check For Updates in your Pro Fund Accounting application.
If you run into any issues with this update, please contact our support staff at 1-866-634-9991 x2.

New Payroll Health Care Report Released!
We have just released a new report for Pro Fund Accounting Payroll that provides you a way to see both the employer and employee health care contributions made during the year.
This report breaks down both the Employee Amount and Employer Amount for health care deductions that appear in box 12 code DD on your employee's W2s.
You can also run this report for a particular date range such as a single month if you wanted to see how much health care costs were for that particular month.

The report is titled Employer Health Care Contributions and can be found in Pro Fund Accounting under Reports>Payroll.
To obtain this report, please go to Help>Check For Updates in your Pro Fund Accounting software.
If you have any concerns or questions about this report please contact our support staff.

Customer and Vendor List Reports Updated!
We have just finished updating the Vendor List and Customer List reports in Pro Fund Accounting to include a status parameter for the vendor and customer statuses.
So now, you can run those reports and get a list of all of your active vendors or a list of all of your inactive vendors.

With that being said, the Vendor Labels Avery 5160 and the Customer Labels Avery 5160 have also been updated to include this new status parameter.

If you have other suggestions that would make our products more efficient for you, please feel free to fill out the contact form in the footer of this page or go to our contact page to send us a feature request. Please make sure to let us know which product you would like to request a feature for.

2015 Tax Tables Released!
We are pleased to announce that the 2015 Federal and State Withholding Tax Tables have been released for Pro Fund Accounting!
To obtain the new tax tables, please go to Help>Check For Updates in your Pro Fund Accounting software.

If you need any help or find any issues with the tax tables, please call our support line at 866-634-9991 x2.