A major upgrade for UtilAbility is now available

Cogitate Incorporated, today announced the release of the next version of its premiere utility billing software, UtilAbility. Included in the update is the latest version of Cogitate’s Report Viewer which uses SAP’s Crystal Reports, and several other operating enhancements.

The printing problem was particularly knotty. “This was a tough one since we had to solve the Crystal Reports legal-sized printing issues,” remarked George Loescher, president of Cogitate. “Our customers had been reduced to having to export legal-sized reports to a PDF file and then printing them from there. This release of UtilAbility has uniquely solved that problem for them.”

UtilAbility operates on all versions of Microsoft Windows®, from XP up to and including Windows 8.

To learn more about UtilAbility, visit our product page at http://www.utilability.com.

Cogitate, Incorporated is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and is the recipient of the “Best of Ypsilanti 2013” award. Cogitate has been in business since 1966.

We will contact our current UtilAbility customers to help them apply this upgrade.

For further information, contact George Loescher at president@cogitateinc.com

Cogitate integrates with BillFlash for UtilAbility

In May 2010 we integrated with NexTrust Inc’s Bill Flash service directly into UtilAbility. This means that you can easily send out bills using the Bill Flash service from your UtilAbility software without having to leave UtilAbility and go to a website or run another program.

Are you currently using this feature of UtilAbility? If so we would love to hear about how it is going for you, feel free to drop a comment or send an email to marketing@cogitateinc.com.

You can read the press release here:

You can find out more about UtilAbility here: