Pro Fund Accounting Archiver and Removal Utility

Cogitate is proud to announce the new Archiver and Removal Utilities for Pro Fund Accounting!

The Removal Utility allows you to remove unreferenced employees, vendors, inventory, etc. that you no longer wish to keep in your database.
The Archiver utility allows you to archive older data that you do not access often, keeping it in a separate database. Only data older than three years can be archived. Archiving your data may help improve the performance of Pro Fund Accounting by allowing you to limit the size of your current database if you wish.

One of the really nice features included with our Archive utilities is the ability to actually choose to run a report on your current database or on any Archived database, right from the report selections screen in Pro Fund Accounting!

For those of you that choose to archive data in conjunction with your year-end, and that year-end is NOT December 31st, the utility will archive the data according to your year-end date, except for payroll, which will retain data through December 31st of the archive through date in both the archived database and your current database. This is done so all payroll year data is kept together in both databases.

This utility can be found in the Utilities folder in your Pro Fund Accounting install directory.