George Loescher - President

George has been with the company since May, 1995. He has a BS in Computer Aided Design from Eastern Michigan University.

George has been president of the company since 1999 and specializes in programming and keeping people happy. He works mostly in programming, keeping the website up, phone support, and of course, running the company.

Jim Harlan - Founder

Jim founded Cogitate Incorporated in 1966. He attended Michigan State University for Electrical Engineering starting in 1963, but quit college to start Cogitate.

Jim moved to Utah in 1993 and has continued programming over the internet developing Fund Accounting and other application software.

Brett Brouwer - Vice President

Brett joined the company in February, 1987 and has been working in software development, installation, customer support and training, and program design.

He has an Associates Degree in Digital Electronics Technology from Northwestern Michigan University. Brett focuses on programming, support, installation, and training.

Luke Loescher - Controller

Luke joined the company in November 2012, after working accounting tech support for ParishSOFT.

He graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Master of Science and Accounting in December 2011 specializing in Accounting Information Systems. Besides doing some development work and other odds and ends, he also manages the billing and corporate finances.