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PFA Works Timecard

PFA Works Timecard is made for municipalities that need to accurately track the timecards of their employees electronically. Employees can use a Windows 8.1 tablet or PC to quickly enter their timecards either at the office or on the road.



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Daily Driver

Designed for anyone owning one or more vehicles, Daily Driver is the ideal companion to help you manage information related to your vehicles.
Daily Driver takes the hassle out of managing your vehicle information, and turns it into an enjoyable experience.



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Domino Scorekeeper Deluxe

Have you ever lost a big game of Dominoes? Struggled to count your points quickly? Well here is your solution for point counting and score keeping! Domino Scorekeeper Deluxe is great for adding up the dots on a large number of tiles at the end of a round of Mexican Train dominoes.

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Calc Free

This simple calculator provides basic calculating functions with large, convenient buttons. The user-friendly layout and design make this calculator the best of its kind. Calc Free also makes calculating look cool with a chalkboard themed backdrop and font.

Calc Free is the best Windows calculator application available


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Read 2 Me Toddlers

Teach your young children to read with Read 2 Me Toddlers!
Read 2 Me Toddlers is filled with many different children's books designed for reading levels of grades 2 and 3. Stay tuned as we add different stories.



Download Read 2 Me Toddlers from the Windows Store today

Cogitate Remote Control

This is the remote control system for all Cogitate Inc applications.

Download Remote Control System



Azure Data Studio

This is an updated database manager from Microsoft that allows for a visual representation of a database.

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SAP Crystal Reports

Here is the link to the SAP Crystal Reports runtime.

SAP Crystal Reports Runtime