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2018 941 and Schedule B reports released!

We have now released the 2018 versions of the 941 Quarterly Tax Report and the Schedule B report.

Please do a check for updates and then you should be able to run those reports from the Quarterly Tax Report Wizard in Pro Fund Accounting.

If there you experience any issues with the reports, please contact Pro Fund Accounting support at 866-634-9991 x2 and our support staff will be able to help resolve those for you.

New Payroll Health Care Report Released!

We have just released a new report for Pro Fund Accounting Payroll that provides you a way to see both the employer and employee health care contributions made during the year.
This report breaks down both the Employee Amount and Employer Amount for health care deductions that appear in box 12 code DD on your employee's W2s.
You can also run this report for a particular date range such as a single month if you wanted to see how much health care costs were for that particular month.

The report is titled Employer Health Care Contributions and can be found in Pro Fund Accounting under Reports>Payroll.
To obtain this report, please go to Help>Check For Updates in your Pro Fund Accounting software.
If you have any concerns or questions about this report please contact our support staff.

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